Our Services

Members of Stirling House Mortgage Services do not offer mortgage advice to Private Clients. In other words, Stirling House do not arrange or help bring about mortgages for Private Clients (although we can help with commercial mortgages). This is largely due to the fact that it is much more cost effective for a Client to source their mortgage themselves either on-line or via a well known High Street lender. There is no real need for a “middle man” who will simply add to the cost of the project. So why is the word “mortgage” used  in the Stirling House Mortgage Services title?

When you search for a mortgage either on line or in the High Street, it can often be a good idea to discuss what additional protection you could need to go with it – just in case. Stirling House Mortgage Services specialise in Mortgage Protection and Life Cover products and are here to do just that (not to arrange the mortgage itself). They do so independently providing flexible and relevant solutions to their Clients’ needs, with a focus on ensuring financial security over the longer term.

Stirling House Mortgage Services advise Clients on all Mortgage Assurance needs be they for Life, Income or Critical Illness Protection from the Whole of the Marketplace. Whatever your situation, you can be sure that the skills of your Stirling House Independent  Life Protection Adviser will provide a solution you can trust.

Our Team offer an initial consultation free of charge and without obligation to either party. Thereafter, any subsequent charges or fees are transparent, clear, discussed and agreed properly with you beforehand. In this way, you can be assured that you are happy with any arrangement made and are getting the value for money you expect.